About Us


Jake Pisuto

Lead Designer / Co-Founder

Bio: One of Jake’s life goals growing up was to become a superhero, so he did! But eventually he got bored with people whining about needing help so he gave that up and went to university to learn how to make games. Jake tackles the hard-hitting design questions like “what colour should these boxes be?” and expertly responds with “red, blue and green I guess”.

What is your favourite unnumbered periodic comet?: D/1819 W1

Favourite fencing position?: Prime … obviously

How much can you bench press?: 40lbs!








Tom Morgan

Lead Programmer / Co-Founder

Bio: After being in prisoned as a test subject in a secret facility testing the latest and greatest technology in portal physics. Tom escaped a life of puzzles and turrets to live a quieter life, Spending most of his time divided among playing Street Fighter, screaming at code and singing Taylor Swift.

Favourite animal from The Triassic Period?: Coelophysis

Favourite colour that isn’t red?: … Red

How tall are you?: Apparently the same size as Jake