Dirt Inc 2.5 Update Post

Hey guys!

So its been quite some time since we last talked about what we’ve been working on, and today we’re gonna go few some of the new features coming to Dirt Inc in the not too distant future!


  • You’ll be able to equip your worker with 5 items. Shovel, gloves, boots, jacket and helmet. Each item will provide a benefit to an aspect of the game e.g. Boots speed up the auto-digger.
  • Items will come in 6 different colours/rarity’s, white, green, blue, purple, yellow and red.
  • The higher the rarity the lower the chance to drop will be from chests, but they will be more powerful e.g. White boots may speed up the digger by 4% whereas purple boots may speed up the digger by 30%.

Item Crates:

  • Items crates are dropped in the game via tapping for dirt, completing achievements and completing contracts. (We have no plans to add these as an in-app purchase).
  • Opening a crate gives you a chance of getting an item, another crate, bonus dirt or a dirt jackpot.


  • As you play the game you will be rewarded with achievements for reaching certain milestones e.g. Dig X amount of total dirt
  • Completing achievements will reward item crates.


  • Contracts are smaller versions of achievements that you can complete on a daily basis.
  • Completing a contract will reward an Item crate and potentially some dirt.
  • Contracts can be re-rolled up to 3 times in case you’re having trouble completing one.
  • Re-rolls can be refreshed by completing contracts

Research Lab:

  • The research lab will contain new upgrades allowing you to purchase abilities. These abilities can be activated to give a short but powerful boost to specific aspects of the game.

Quarry Re-balanced:

  • We plan to re-work the quarry balancing to make sure that all quarries are relevant into the later stages of the game.


  • We also have new skins and new UI across many parts of the game.

In the coming weeks we will be showing some screenshots of our recent work to give you guys a better understanding of the things that are being changed, so look out for that soon!

Thanks again to everyone who has played the game and helped shape it to what it has become, and if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to let us know!

DPS Team.