Even More Dirt Inc Updates!

We’re back today to share with you some more information and screenshots on Dirt Inc’s upcoming 2.0 update! This time we’re showing some more UI changes, a look at a new progression mechanic and the new Laboratory.

A new progression mechanic has been added, and its all based around your total dirt mined. The bar along the top of the screen tracks the dirt mined and will fill up as you play. When the bar is full you will transition into a new themed area with 4 new areas to work towards unlocking, Underwater, Moon, Sun and the Dirt Dimension. Moving to a new area not only gives a nice change of scenery but the base dirt value is increased each time you move to a new area. This extra income should help to keep the upgrades flowing!

Another new feature we have added is the Laboratory. The Laboratory gives you access to powerful passive effects that will massively increase the amount of dirt you get. You can check out the screenshot below to see the new laboratory tab and all of the available effects.

The new update is in the final stages of development so hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be in your hands within the next few weeks!

Thanks again for all your continued support

DPS Team